C.E.O. & Creative Director

American designer Michael Stosky was born in Warren, Ohio. Michael graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in the Architectural field and a passion for shape and form. While working to substantiate his degree at Limited Brands, he built a relationship that would later direct him to his true passion of becoming a designer. Michael's transition from architecture to fashion inspired an innovative type of footwear from the mindset of an architect, which contributed a rare sense of platform and structure. In 2008, this 23-year young talent founded Velieris and Company footwear and moved forward in his pursuit of becoming the next known inventor.

Michael is a self-taught designer who utilizes his gift of sales, attention to detail and humanistic embrace to create shoes that he is confident the public will not only enjoy, but shoes that will care for the health of the foot. Michael has an impeccable eye for design and the technical ability to perfect fashion footwear. He plans and creates collections by developing a stylistic theme-drawn sketch. He then uses colors and materials to conceptualize something innovative and inspired. Michael is always in search of the perfect materials, providing the highest quality of craftsmanship to (supply) each pair of his shoes with the longevity and versatility to suite any person's needs. Michael travels the world working with one of the most prestigious manufacturers in Portugal and researching leathers in Italy, to bring to the states components that will meet the needs of these worthy designs.

Michael's brand identity is unique in platform, given its Latin translation. The word Velieris (velie-ris) is derived from the historical principal of a shoe's intent, which is to protect the body from environmental factors. The meaning of Velieris, which in Western Civilization, is the translation for fleece. Michael's desire to create a shoe that offers support from the undesirable effects of every day life grew symbolic, while generating a brand that would identify his designs. These designs still require esthetic appeal for Michael, but one cannot be fooled by these savvy displays. They are comfortable and fit the foot while looking great at the same time. “I want to bypass the uncomfortable process of having to ‘break in’ the shoes before you can wear them and feel good in them.” -Michael Stosky

Stosky admires the great Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti and remains humble in his approach to design a shoe that is unique, affordable, versatile and comfortable.